10-18-16 – Wednesday

BW 36) Where would you go if you wanted to claim you are not guilty of a speeding ticket? (p. 109) What level of government is a sheriff? (p. 110)


  Federal State Local


Finish Ch. 6 Reading Challenge






10-14-16 – Friday

BW 34) What is “judicial review” and what Supreme Court case established it? (p. 72)

Chart over the three cases below:

Case Summary Decision
Marbury v. Madison(1803)    
McCulloch v. Maryland (1819)    
U.S. v. Nixon (1974)  

HW 8.1 – The Federal System of Government in the U.S.

The system of federalism used in the United States is based upon the division of government powers.

Make a Venn Diagram poster with Expressed Powers, Concurrent Powers, and Reserved Powers.

You must have 7 items under each section. ONE of these, under each section, must have an image that is connected to one of the powers of government

21 powers TOTAL must be listed

3 images, one for each section, TOTAL