5-19-17 – Friday

BW 31) How much would you be willing to bend or break the rules if you were an attorney in a case and you knew the defendant was guilty 100%? Explain your view.

5-11-17 – Thursday

BW 26) What does the 8th Amendment protect you from? Do you think the death penalty/capital punishment is a violation of the 8th Amendment? Explain your view. (p. 91)

Discussion over capital punishment

Work on Review Guide for Unit 6 Test

5-10-17 – Wednesday

BW 25) How did the Supreme Court balance the right to a public trial, the right to a free press, and the right to due process in Sheppard v. Maxwell? (p. 91)

Finish Google Form on 6th Amendment

Class discussion over Gideon v. Wainwright