HW 1.4 – SLO Study Guide

As required by the lovely politicians in the Ohio General Assembly, we will be having a “Student Learning Objectives” (SLO) test a few days after we return from break.

This week’s HW is the study guide you are receiving today. It should be finished by FRIDAY but I will only check it in class so as to allow you to study from it before the test.

The SLO test will be Wednesday, April 5th.

3-13-17 – Monday

  1. BW 27) Explain what deficit spending is and when it occurs. (p. 256)
  2. Create a Google Doc and title it: “Ch. 14 Vocab – lastname”
  3. Type and define the ALL vocabulary terms from p. 253-265 (all highlighted in green or in bold) – There are 23 terms!