4-20-17 – Thursday

BW 13) Please write up a review of the Ohio State Test for me. What did we cover in class that was helpful? What do you think I should do more of to prepare next year?

Make-up any missing or incomplete work while we watch the movie

4-13-17 – Thursday

This project is DUE Monday

100 points


  1. Decide to either pair up with a partner or work by yourself for this project.
  2. Create a Google Slides document in Google Drive and title it:
    1. “Class period – 27 Am – Your last name(s)”
      1. Ex: “2-27 Am – Trump Obama”
    2. Share this document with me at j_hons@chuh.com
    3. There are 6 stations that you will need to complete by the end of this project
    4. At each station you will complete the following tasks:
      1. Write a brief description of the amendments in that section in the space provided on this worksheet.
      2. Summarize the significance of each section of amendments in the space provided.
      3. Create a “product” to demonstrate understanding the amendments in each section
      4. Choose ONE product for each section. You may only use one idea twice.
      5. The product should be placed into your Google Slides document for a total of 6 different products.


  1. 1 minute fake commercial about the group of amendments posing as an attorney who can help regarding this section of amendments.
  2. 1 minute video explaining the group of amendments verbally.
  3. Political cartoon or comic strip that explains the significance of the amendment in a witty, humorous, or satirical way
  1. Write a hypothetical scenario that would involve one or more of the amendments in the section
  2. Make a visual collage of digital images relevant to the amendments
  3. Write a poem or song about this group of amendments
  4. Fake news report of an incident that involved one or more of the amendments (video or written)
  5. Letter to a politician about why one or more of the section of amendments should be removed from the Constitution
  6. Mock journal/diary entry of a fictional character who is facing a situation that involves one or more of the amendments in section
  7. Explanation of an idea for a game that would involve the section of amendments
  8. Describe a related Supreme Court decision for each of the amendments in the section (include the case name and how the court decided)

HW 3.4 – The 27 Amendments in the News

  1. Find a current event that relates to at least one of the 27 amendments to the Constitution
  2. Read the article and summarize it in a paragraph.
  3. In a second paragraph, explain how the event is related to the amendment and what your opinion of it it.
  4. SUGGESTION: Select the amendment that you are most interested in first, then do a Google search about that amendment in the news (Ex. “First amendment in the news”)