2-23-17 – Thursday

Ch. 13 Vocabulary Activity

  1. Get a partner
  2. Open and make a copy of this document: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1m49Hbc6v1cTQstLDSf-3Mq5GaIdJDWsWuu9_uSpN1NQ/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Re-name the document in the top left corner – “ch13vocab – last names”
  4. Share this with me: j_hons@chuh.org
  5. Use the 8 terms on p. 231 for this vocab activity
  6. “Concept” in the middle is where you write the term. The other four boxes are self-explanatory.
  7. You should have a “sheet” (or a page) for each of the 8 terms (8 pages total!)

2-8-17 – Wednesday

  1. BW 10) Based off the activity yesterday and/or reading p. 216, make a flow chart about how a bill becomes a law using the following terms: Bill, House of Representatives, Senate, Standing Committee, Debate, Vote, President
  2. Start House of Representatives role play